In 1850, French economist Frederic Bastiat coined the perceptive phrase “that which is seen and that which is not seen”. Bastiat was referencing that there is not a singular effect, but rather a series of effects accompanying any economic activity. First, there are the obvious, observable effects, the “seen”, that result from activity. However, there are also a series of “unseen” effects which subsequently emerge. To have an advantage in the financial markets one must understand the seen, but more importantly envision and strategize for the unseen.

Bastiat claimed that the few who can envision the “unseen” are fortunate.

720 Global is pleased to announce that we will soon offer “The Unseen”, a subscription-based publication with content similar to what we have provided for free over the past year and a half.   The annual subscription offers substance in style and form that provides independent analysis based on clear logic and quantitative rigor. Those familiar with our work recognize the importance of a perspective that strays well away from the institutional consensus and business media hype. “The Unseen” will continue the 720 Global tradition of pursuing ideas without regard for popularity, explaining them in clear language and delivering value that far exceeds the subscription cost.  True to its name, it will provide readers a comparative advantage over the vast majority of research that solely focuses on the obvious. Our readers are prepared for what few see. 

Terms on subscription packages will be coming shortly. Please contact us if you would like to be notified when we formalize our service offerings.